Sunday, 11 May 2014

100 Days of Healthy: Motivators!

If you read my last post/ follow me on Instagram, you'll be well aware of the #100daysofhealthy that I've been doing for the last two weeks and I am pleased to say I haven't had too much of a failure yet! I'm still making sure I find something healthy everyday (apart from today awkwardly). My gym going has failed a wee bit but I put that down to returning to university and trying to get back into a routine!

Anyway, so I've been seeking motivation from the blogging and YouTube world, so thought I would share a few of my total favourite go-to, super motivational, "I can totally do this" blogs with you guys this week!

First up is a lifestyle blog that every blogger and their nan knows and loves. The Londoner. The blogger behind it all is Rosie. She's a complete food lover with a firm belief that eating well is doable for everyone, which she voices wonderfully in this post, one of the first to really kick me up the behind. She recognises the importance of treating yourself, but also treating your body as well, so her blog features a whole section of recipes, with a fantastic selection of healthy ones to boot. A personal favourite of mine is her healthy gelato. Oh my goodness. Just see for yourself here.

Next is a blog I only recently discovered: Eat Yourself Skinny. This is an (almost) purely food based blog written by Kelly, a foodie from America. This blog has got every meal, snack and drink you can imagine lightened up and documented for you to try out. This is probably the website I use most for recipes because of the sheer volume of categories. If you're willing to try some new foods and take a bit of a chance on your tastebuds, this is perfect. Following her recipes, I have eaten foods I never thought I would like (kale, quinoa, you name it) and loved them and her posts are always so positive and motivational. That said, she's not posted in a while, but there are plenty of ideas to keep you going. A top favourite of mine is the blueberry and lemon bread. It's not the lightest of the light on her website but it's not terrible and it tastes incredible.

The third and final blog I'm going to share is a blog called Lady Smart. I've followed this one for a little while and it's written by Niomi. It's a fashion and lifestyle blog, but recently she's been posting a few healthy food recipes. She's stressed that eating well isn't about being a size 8 in time for your bikini or losing half a stone so you can squeeze into that dress you bought (a bit too optimistically) two sizes too small- we've all done that and there's nothing like the disappointment when you don't manage it. Instead, she's all about a healthy lifestyle. She also has a YouTube channel now, which features a few of these healthy recipes- I'm telling you, I almost jumped for joy when I saw she made a video for healthy cake pops! But one of the recipes on her blog that I am dying to try is this one for aubergine rolls- definitely one for this week!

These blogs have motivated me so much because they all make it clear it's not about going on some obscure diet for a short term change. Instead they choose a lifestyle change. They make savvie food swaps and know how significant a girls need for sweet things is. They're real girls and they definitely seem to know their stuff, so if you're looking to make a bit of a change, definately check them out!

If you know any other blogs that have kept you motivated to change your diet then I'd love to see them!

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