Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hello 2014!

With it being the New Year and all, I'm feeling a bit reflective; I thought I would just do a quick round up of 2013 as a little farewell as we sail into the unknown waters of 2014.

*May contain a few cheesy cliche's.*

For me, 2013 has been a bit of a mixed bag. It started off horrendously and it's had its ups and downs, but I feel like I'm 10 times happier than I was this time last year. I thought I'd use this post to focus on all the good things that have happened to me this year, not to be a boaster but to maybe try to encourage any of you guys who have had a less than fantastic year to make your own list and have a little think about the good things and see 2013 out on a high tonight!

So here are my 2013 highlights:

1. I started my blog. Yep, Princesses and Pink Champagne was born in April 2013 (a little disappointing that the first exciting thing that happened in 2013 wasn't until April...)

2. I passed my first year of university

3. Got my first proper grown up job

4.  I moved into my first (sort of) grown up house

5. I  became a regular contributor to The Surrey Scholar Arts and Literature section

6. I rediscovered a lot of old friendships and gained a lot of new ones

7. Got my second grown up job

If anything, this year has made me realise how important it is to put the bad times behind you and just focus on making yourself happy. Sometimes in life being selfish is okay, and I definitely needed to be a bit selfish this year to be the happy bunny I am now. This year has also made me value my friends and family more. They are the people to lean on when stuff gets hard and you shouldn't just sit there and bottle everything up and torture yourself, which I am guilty of.

I am always the cynical one, that friend that's like "oh resolutions, as if you will stick to them", that's me, but I'm making a few New Years Resolutions this year. Realistic ones though. I think the old "I will go to the gym and eat healthily so I can have a summer body" has failed too many times to be a viable option this year...

Instead I will:

* Blog at least once a week
* Start up my YouTube channel
* Get myself a good journalism placement for the Summer
* Make sure I don't chicken out of studying in Australia in January 2015
* Say yes to more opportunities and stop being a worry wart. 

As well as try and get my butt to the gym at least twice a week (couldn't leave it out completely!).

That's all the resolutions I have for now, they're pretty basic really but important nonetheless.

I hope this wasn't too much of a cheesy post, I've never done a reflective one before, so I thought this was the perfect time to write one up.

What are your resolutions for this New Year?

I hope you all have a great celebration tonight and 2014 brings you more joy than you can shake a stick at!

Happy New Year!

*Photos in this post were taken by me on my new big girl camera.


  1. Happy New Year Becci, lovely to hear you are remaining positive and picking the ups of 2013 to reflect on. A good plan, you have inspired me to do the same. May there be much stick shaking in your future :-) have a fabulous evening and an even more fabulous 2014. xxx

    1. aww thanks, you too! glad to inspire someone aha xxx

  2. Hey
    I've just discovered your lovely blog. I completely agree with you I too am usually the pesimistic one who always thinks the worse is going to have to me it just seems the only option, but this year I have vowed to take each day as it comes and worry less. I'm also going to try and make more of an effort and get outdoors and active with my son. It's so easy to fall back into old habits so i like to think of my resolutions as goals makes me aim towards something realistic and of course one goal of mine is to lose weight but isn't that on everyone list? haha

    Great blog can't wait for your future posts!
    Jade xo

    1. aha aww that's such a lovely comment! thank you! good luck with your resolution :)! x