Monday, 28 April 2014

Back to Basics- Skincare

Recently my skin has been feeling really dull and just generally icky, so I thought it was time to start making a habit of carrying out a full and thorough skincare regime every morning and evening. To do this, I had to go out and buy a few little additions- in other words, the time has come when a face wipe and a quick smear of moisturiser just isn't enough anymore!

My eyes in particular have been pretty needy recently because I suffer from hay fever and my eyes bear the brunt of my allergic reaction. I end up rubbing them until they are so sore, puffy, red and dry that I actively contemplate plunging my entire head into a bowl full of ice cold water to soothe the pain! With this firmly in mind, I knew I needed a couple of products to try and combat this problem (as well as making sure I took my hay fever tablets!). Because my eyes are now pretty sensitive, I did go back to basics and purchase some Simple products. I've used at least one product by them in my skincare routine since I was about 13, be it face wipes, moisturiser, skin clearing products and so on, so they are a brand I do trust, but also a brand I do forget about from time to time.

So these were the three products I picked up:

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Beauty Redsicoveries

One of the beautiful things about living at uni but still coming home for the holidays is the amount of rediscoveries of products during those holidays. I'm heading into my last week of the Easter break before returning to university until the summer. I was rummaging through various make up bags and boxes of beauty products that had been forgotten about and found so many little gems! Make up, skincare and hair products were all amongst these rediscoveries and I've chosen my favourites to share with you!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Spring Make-Up Treats!

With the turn of the season comes the inevitable strain on the bank balance as the shelves of every Superdrug, Boots and all the rest of it become laden with a sea of pastel colours, welcoming the transition from winter to spring.

Seeing as it's a little too chilly to be parading around bare legged (although I am guilty of doing that as soon as the sky turns from grey to blue, regardless of the temperature), a wardrobe revamp is still on hold, but the make up revamp is well and truly in full swing.

I had a mini beauty binge this week starting with a discounted beauty store near me which sells NYX, Essie, Revlon, Butter, Tigi and a hell of a lot of perfume for a fraction of the RRP (past seasons, limited edition stuff, that kinda thing) and ending up in Superdrug, frantically tracking down Tanya Burr's new range of nail polish and lipgloss.

Here are the little treats I got myself!