Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Breaking Out!

A brief beauty review for you all today!

So I've been suffering from a bit of a break out recently, which is fortunately a rarity for me. I've been using the Superdrug sachet masks for ages, but I wasn't really using the full sachet so was getting a lot of waste, so I went hunting for a tube version. I found a little selection in Superdrug- they were all on offer and weren't massive tubes so if I didn't like it, there wasn't too much financial or physical waste.
Superdrug ExfoliatingMud Mask Raspberry

Thankfully I love it. I purchased the Superdrug Mud Therapy Raspberry Exfoliating Mask. You can pick one up for £2.59 and it's on a buy one get one half price offer at the moment. I initially only got it because it was pink and raspberry, but it is actually a really nice product.

I sometimes find with some face masks that they are sticky and take forever to dry so I can't really move my head while I have it on, but this one dried really quickly. It felt tight as well, which is how a mud mask should be. It didn't crack or flake off- I've had that problem before- and it was nice and easy to remove (a flannel and warm water).

It smelt lush and once it was off, my skin felt really soft and clean. The mask didn't sting or feel uncomfortable like a few others I have used and it was a breath of fresh air not to have to try and peel it off! The tube is quite small, like I said, but a little goes a long way with this product. Just make sure you have cleansed before you apply it and you moisturise once you have taken it off.

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Have a lovely day!


  1. This sounds lovely! I need a new face mask, so this sounds perfect! Lovely review :) xxx


    1. ah glad it helped! such a bargain as well! thanks for commenting :) x

  2. I'm on the hunt for face masks, this has been so helpful! :) xx


    1. oh good- so glad it helped! checking out your blog now!
      Becci x

  3. lovely blog!