Monday, 24 June 2013

Review of Gel Nail Polish

In my 'Nailed it! (or not...) post, I made a resolution to take better care of my nails. I am happy to announce that I am finally trying to keep my promise!

Last week it was my Mum's birthday party (post about that coming up soon!) and, as a treat for both of us, my Dad treated us to having our nails done. My Mum has been having gel polish applied every 4 weeks for about a year now and swears by it so I was really excited when she announced I was having mine done.

Failure to Blog.

I know. I failed in my promise to blog more but this time I do have a valid excuse. Sort of. I've just finished uni so had exams, then end of first year shenanigans then recovery from such shenanigans which has led to my utter failure to blog. But, I am now (relatively) free for the summer so I actually promise to blog more often.

You may have also noticed the slight change in the look of my blog. I decided to have a little play with Photoshop and this is what I've come up with so far. I'm still in the process of improving things but Blogger is not loving me right now so bare with.

Anyway, in a bid to justify my absence, here is what I've been getting up to.