Monday, 24 June 2013

Failure to Blog.

I know. I failed in my promise to blog more but this time I do have a valid excuse. Sort of. I've just finished uni so had exams, then end of first year shenanigans then recovery from such shenanigans which has led to my utter failure to blog. But, I am now (relatively) free for the summer so I actually promise to blog more often.

You may have also noticed the slight change in the look of my blog. I decided to have a little play with Photoshop and this is what I've come up with so far. I'm still in the process of improving things but Blogger is not loving me right now so bare with.

Anyway, in a bid to justify my absence, here is what I've been getting up to.

I had my Theatre Shindig which was 20's themed so naturally my first thought was 'must find flapper dress' and this remained a priority until I realised they don't come cheap. So, after much online browsing, shop trawling, googling 'The Great Gatsby' for inspiration and asking my mum what to do, we eventually came up with this look:

As you can see, I didn't end up with my desired flapper dress, but I did find this long black lace dress in Miss Selfridge, reduced from £45 to £25. I loved the design, I thought it was really different and the lace bottom helped me pull it off as a twist on the classic.

In terms of hair, I literally just pinned it all up on one side of my head and curled the front bits. Held all night, no hair spray needed, although I was still finding forgotten hair grips in my bed, in my hair, on the floor etc. for a good couple of days afterwards.

The pearls were borrowed from my Mum and the headband belongs to my friend on the left of the second picture (she was in a full on flapper dress- absolutely incredible and I will be borrowing it).

I wore a pair of pearl earrings from Accessorize and  a couple of very old sparkly bracelets. My bag was a really old black lace clutch that I found in my wardrobe. A simple pair of black suede courts finished it all off.

I kept my make up quite simple: a mini smokey eye and a plum lipstick (not just for Halloween I have found. My new obsession- try one for yourselves!).

So I manged to get a sale dress and beg, borrow and steal everything else. I did vintage 20's for £25 which I was personally very impressed with considering I was originally gonna go for a flapper that would break my bank and my heart.

As always, any thoughts, leave me a comment, give me a follow etc etc

Night night!

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