Monday, 2 September 2013

Hello September!

So my friends, September has struck, the nights will be drawing in and before we know it, we'll all be decking the halls ready for Christmas and the snow will be falling, all around us (see what I did there? No? Oh...).

Autumn and Winter signal the end of our Summer here in the UK (if we've had one that is...) and, for me, I often think, well the years all down hill from here. I know many of you will also share this pessimistic thought; Winter goes on forever but Summer can be easily missed with a blink.

The Autumn and Winter blues last from September through til about April and we all unite in happiness when the sun appears and temperatures peak at about 10 degrees for the first time. But, aside from the rubbish weather, the majority of the day being in darkness and the extra weight we'll gain from either eating too much comfort food or wearing so many layers we hardly resemble our summer-selves anymore, these two dreaded seasons are actually the most exciting in most people's calendars. Sure, you might not be frolicking in a bikini on a beach in riduculous heat, but there is a lot to be happy about throughout some of the most 'depressing' months of the year.

Although it's been a lovely start to September, to try and boost the A/W morale, I thought we could all do with a few reasons to remember why A/W are great.

1. It's so so so pretty!
Even the biggest Sun Babies out there have to admit that, no matter where you are, it will always look so much better when splashed with turning leaves or with a sprinkle of snow.

All photos in this post taken from Pinterest

2. Fun and frolics!
It is no secret that this season harbours the most exciting and fun festivals of the year! You kick it all off with Halloween- dressing up badly and eating all the sweets humanly possible without judgement? Sold. A few days later you get Bonfire Night- pretty lights in the sky, sparklers and burgers, there's not really much not to like (unless you are vegetarian, but even then it's pretty great....). Our American friends get Thanksgiving and I get my Birthday and then the Daddy of all the holidays- Christmas! Now personally, I enjoy the build up slightly more than the actual day but still- food, crap telly, family, presents (don't pretend you don't love that part, I won't believe you), believing in Santa just for Christmas Eve cos you have the mass panic that maybe he actually does exist so you have to believe (...just me?) and those cheesy songs you know every word to and that you love to hate and hate to love. Once you've slept that off, it's time to see in the New Year, surrounded by friends and lots of alcohol (if you are over the legal drinking age obviously- please drink responsibly!).

3. Swapping your tea/coffee for hot chocolate with marshmallows.
This one is a lot less specific to me, I don't actually drink tea or coffee, but hot chocolate is always a winter warmer. Especially the honeycomb one they do in Costa. Oh. My. God. And at last, this is the time of year where you can buy as many as you like without feeling judged for not picking something healthier or colder or less fun, like an iced smoothie.

Mugs of hot chocolate all-round!
4. Great TV
Okay, so some of it isn't great, but it is perfect cold night in TV (X Factor, I'm looking at you!). It seems producers and writers and such like have caught on that people are less inclined to venture out into the depths of Winter, and so they all make the best TV around this time of year. Cue Downton, millions of returning comedies and loads of new dramas, not to mention all the Christmas specials. Get your Sky + ready! Get yourself a onesie, a sofa, a glass of wine, a blanket and the TV remote, light the fire and make yourself comfortable.

Cosy Fireplace

5. Finally, the clothes! 
Couldn't let a post pass without a mention of this. The clothes that come out every A/W are always 10x better than the Summer ones, well for me anyway. You can't beat a new coat, some jumpers and a cosy scarf. I love neutrals for A/W (how predictable, I know) and you really can't let A/W pass without a good pair of boots. Get shopping and get cosy!
I hope that banished those pre-Winter blues for some of you! I know it's not quite Winter yet and it's far too early to get excited for Christmas, but I'm trying to be more positive about the coming months because I really am not a fan of Winter! As many of you prepare to go back to school/uni/work after a hectic Summer, I hope this makes you feel excited about the time to kill until Summer returns!

Quote about fall, and one I personally find so true. I enjoy the flowers of spring, but give me the autumn leaves and I am in bliss

Happy September!


  1. All these pictures make me quite excited for fall and winter, especially the hot chocolate! Adorable blog
    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

    1. aha yeah thought everyone could do with looking on the bright side! thanks for reading, giving your blog a look now! x

  2. You've listed some great reasons but I won't be looking forward to getting the flu again lol, xoxo.

    1. aha well aside from that, i have a good feeling about this winter! thanks for the follow, following you back now! x

    2. Thanks Becci, xoxo.

  3. Replies
    1. yeah they are lovely- pinterest does have some beauties! checking your blog now :) Becci x

  4. Beautiful pictures!
    Love all of them!
    Have fun!!!

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    1. thank you so much! love your blog too- already following aha! xx