Saturday, 26 April 2014

Beauty Redsicoveries

One of the beautiful things about living at uni but still coming home for the holidays is the amount of rediscoveries of products during those holidays. I'm heading into my last week of the Easter break before returning to university until the summer. I was rummaging through various make up bags and boxes of beauty products that had been forgotten about and found so many little gems! Make up, skincare and hair products were all amongst these rediscoveries and I've chosen my favourites to share with you!

First up is a few make up products that I found lurking in an old make up bag.

Goodness knows what this MAC duo was doing in there. I've actually re-discovered this a fair few times because I always end up leaving it at home by mistake when I come back for a visit. The two colours are Pewtered Bronze which I tend to dust over my whole eyelid and Blackened Plumb which I tend to take through the crease of my lid. It's quite a wintery duo, but would also work well for a night out!

Three similar products now. These are three of the Collection "Work the Colour" eyeshadow pencils in the shades (L-R) Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Sky and Vintage Blush. I've had these for about a year now but they got put in the drawer in favour of my eyeshadow palette obsession. I was actually prompted to look for these when I saw more expensive versions of the same colours being used in a tutorial, so I riffled through hundreds of forgotten products to find these and bring them back into my make up bag for the spring!

Next up is skincare. The first product is Garnier Summer Body which is a tinted mousturiser, providing a gradual, natural looking tan. This came out years ago when there was a massive boom in this sort of product. The hype has since died down and this actual one is a new purchase. I did find an old one in my drawer but I couldn't tell you how old it was so I quickly dumped it and went out and got a new one. I recently went away to Spain and have been missing my tan so it's like fate bought us back together!

The next product is Soap and Glory Smoothie Star. Oh my goodness. This smells incredible. It was just sat on my dressing table at home, gathering dust. So I gave it a little go a few days ago and I instantly remembered why I loved it. It's a gorgeous smelling fusion of almonds, oats, honey, cocoa and yoghurt scents but it isn't one to use after shaving your legs- I learnt that the hard way! Perfect for the next day though. And, in true S & G style, it looks gorgeous too so I have no problem with it sitting proudly on my dressing table.

The final product I rediscovered recently was this hair product from VO5. It's the Nourish My Shine Miracle Mist. This was lost at the bottom of my hair product box- the toils of having naturally curly and very prone to frizz hair means I have a whole shop of products stuffed into one box and so it's easy to forget about things! I was looking for something to inject some life into my hair and make it look less dull, so I gave this a spritz and it did the trick. It also has heat defense in it but I don't think I would choose to use it as a heat defense spray because I can imagine it leaving wet hair quite sticky if you use too much of it.

So that was all my favourite rediscoveries of late!

Do you have any ones?

Let me know!


  1. I've been looking to buy VO5 nourish my shine for ages but I just keep forgetting! I have really frizzy hair too which can look quite dry sometimes so this spray sounds perfect for perking it up! x

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    1. yeah it's perfect for pretending your hair is healthy in that awkward my hair needs cutting but I don't have time to get it done stage! let me know what you think of it! x