Friday, 25 April 2014

Spring Make-Up Treats!

With the turn of the season comes the inevitable strain on the bank balance as the shelves of every Superdrug, Boots and all the rest of it become laden with a sea of pastel colours, welcoming the transition from winter to spring.

Seeing as it's a little too chilly to be parading around bare legged (although I am guilty of doing that as soon as the sky turns from grey to blue, regardless of the temperature), a wardrobe revamp is still on hold, but the make up revamp is well and truly in full swing.

I had a mini beauty binge this week starting with a discounted beauty store near me which sells NYX, Essie, Revlon, Butter, Tigi and a hell of a lot of perfume for a fraction of the RRP (past seasons, limited edition stuff, that kinda thing) and ending up in Superdrug, frantically tracking down Tanya Burr's new range of nail polish and lipgloss.

Here are the little treats I got myself!


1. First up was an NYX lip liner in shade 819 Soft Brown which I got on sale for £1.95 in this little store near me (all NYX products were from the same shop). I've never got anything from NYX before and I can't say I've ever really used a lip liner but I figured now I am 20 it's high time I started. I chose a very safe colour with this one- it's more of a nude colour so I figured I could wear it with most lip colours. I have tried it out and it did it's job pretty well, nothing groundbreaking but not bad for the price! There were loads of other colours as well so if lip liner is your thing, have a little look!

2. Next I picked up this "jumbo eye pencil". It's in the shade 614 Lavender and was also £1.95. Again, there were so many shades, I could happily have got more but wanted to just try one out first. I chose this colour because I have brown eyes and I read somewhere that purples and lilacs are meant to work well on brown eyes (correct me if this is a lie!). It's quite a creamy consistency and it's not terribly pigmented, which was a little disappointing once I actually put it on my eyes (the swatch lied to me!), but I am tempted to go back and get a different colour just to check in case that colour is meant to be lighter... if any of you have tried them please let me know what you thought!

3. The last NYX product I got was this "jumbo lip pencil". This is in the shade 724 Chaos and again it was £1.95 (can you see a pattern emerging...). This is probably my favourite product from NYX. The colour is really pigmented- it's a bright pink if you can't see it very clearly- and has a really nice texture. It has an almost glossy finish and lasts a decent amount of time. I will definately be going back and checking out the other colours because, as gorgeous as this one is, I do have a Clinque chubby stick in a very similar colour...

4. This next one is a perfume Kate by Kate Moss. This was a massively nostalgic purchase. Kate released this perfume when I was about 14 or something and it was the first perfume I ever bought. I've had several bottles of this in the past but it got somewhat lost in my higher end perfume obsession as I got older. It retails at about £24 but I got it half price at just £12 in the same shop as the NYX products. It just smells really fresh and lovely and the scent just holds a lot of memories for me so I couldn't resist!

5. This was my bravest purchase. I got this Rimmel Glam Eyes mono eyeshadow in shade 179 Block Your Green from Superdrug after seeing it used in a make up tutorial. I have never owned an eye shadow quite this bold- I am a neutrals girl through and through but the way I saw it used was so lovely I just had to grab it! It's very pigmented, so I'm sure it will last a good amount of time and it wasn't too expensive at £4.49.

6. I'll pop the last two together as they're almost the same. Every blogger and their dog has been hunting down the lovely Tanya Burr's new nail polish and lipgloss collection since the launch earlier this month. After a lot of frantic searching, I did eventually find them, hidden away beneath the make up brushes. These two were the obvious choices for me, although all the shades are lovely. I got Bright and Early and Peaches and Cream. I didn't pick up any of the lipglosses though- I'm saving those for when my student loan comes in! I couldn't wait to get home and try one of them out! I'm currently wearing Bright and Early (the one on the left) and it is just the most perfect corally pink. I can't imagine there will be much of it left by the end of the summer! They dry quickly, don't chip easily and are beautiful colours. They're more expensive than Barry M, but cheaper than Essie at a comfortable £5.99. I'm definitely aiming to get the full collection!

That's it for my current spring purchases- I'm sure there will be another post like this before summer graces us with its presence, so if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Sorry for being the most absent blogger ever- turns out second year is far busier than we all anticipated!

A very belated Happy Easter!

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