Saturday, 3 May 2014

100 Days of Healthy

So, if you've been reading my blog for a little while now, you may recall my numerous attempts at a health kick and trying to shed a little bit of weight and tone up in the process. With a holiday booked to the Dominican Republic in September and 5 months in Australia to think about, this time, I'm so motivated, I think I might actually be a bit successful! I think I'm doing okay so far, I even turned down a free Dominoes the other day!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my "100 Days of Healthy" posts this week. I started this feed after seeing half the people I follow doing "100 Days of Happy", which I think is lovely and contemplated doing, but, after deciding to get fit and healthy, I thought changing it up a bit would keep me motivated and also keep me on track!

I can probably guess what you're thinking- "good for you Becs, but why are you telling us this?" basically, I am thinking about doing one post every week or two either updating my progress or sharing a healthy recipe that I have loved that week with you guys.

So, today marks the start of this little idea which I will hopefully stick to. Here is my first week  (well 5 days) of "100 Days of Healthy", fresh from my Instagram feed (I know it's alongside the posts but shhhhh :P).

I hereby invite any of you lusting after that summer body, those of you who just want to clean up your diet a little bit, or even for those of you who just like a challenge, to jump on this one girl bandwagon and join me!

I'd love to hear your ideas about this, any recipes you are dying to share and of course hints and tips will be welcomed with open arms and lifelong gratitude! If anyone does decide to do this too, I'd love to hear about your progress!

Happy weekend!

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