Thursday, 1 August 2013

In Her Shoes...

At the weekend, my trusty black pumps decided to finally give up on me after a year of battling the British weather and my inability to pick up my feet when I walk. So this meant I needed to get shoe prowling pronto.

After hours of traipsing around Bluewater, scowering various shops and many a sales rack in the hope of a good bargain, with no success and so much disappointment, I found myself, as always, in New Look.

Just when I feared even New Look's humongous shoe heaven couldn't help me, I spied these little beauties in the corner, the final 3 pairs. My size. Sold.

New Look, £17.99

Although one of my main requirements when hunting high and low for these shoes was that they were NOT suede (I live in England...rain...ruin...sad Becci), these are in fact suede, through no fault of my own, I might add! There wasn't a single nice pair that weren't...

Anyway, they aren't massively 'out there' but they are cute, comfy, less than £20 and perfect for both work and play. Pretty hard to walk past and leave empty handed. I don't normally go for the slightly pointed shoe, but the gold chains and elegant shape when I tried them on abolished all my doubts and to the til I ran, friend in tow, 10 minutes before the shops shut.

Speaking of New Look, you may have noticed the pretty drastic revamp of my blog (see what I did there?) I wanted something simpler, so I got my butt onto Photoshop, raided any pretty blogging help sites and had a play. Hope you like it! 

As if this wasn't enough of me, you can now follow me on Blog Lovin, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (which I am new to and don't quite understand, any help is massively appreciated!)

Hope you are all having a fabulous Summer!


  1. i never saw the look of the old blog but i am loving the look of this one :) i love finding bloggers who are starting out like me so i am so happy you introduced me to your blog and am now following :)

    Issie xox

  2. Yes your blog is really cool <3
    i love it so far :-)
    Hope we can follow each other - i am following you now with gfc ;-)
    xx, *My little Wildflower*

    1. aww thanks for giving my blog a look! thanks for the follow- following you back :) x