Thursday, 8 August 2013

Getting Lippy!

And so my obsession with MUA continues. I recently had a bit of a Superdrug spree and my goodies included a couple of lipsticks for just £1 each so I figured, for the good of womankind (and my fellow students), I had to share these little diamonds with you.

It is no secret that I own pretty much half of the MUA range, but for whatever bizarre reason, this was the first time I had bought any of their lipsticks.

(L-R) Shade 15 and Shade 3

The cutest little surprise about these lipsticks is the hidden extra lip gloss on the bottom of the lipstick which can be taken off to be used separately. Personally, I have been using them as a base.

First up, the more coral-ly shade, Shade 15.

I've been on the hunt for a new coral lipstick since my last one gave up on life and broke on me, but have not been able to find one that's the right shade of coral. This colour is bright enough without needing to come with a health warning but is still bright enough to be noticed. The lipstick feels so nice- I've used a few different brands in the past and they always feel quite dry, whereas this one feels moisturising and healthy. It lasted longer than I expected for £1 but I did have to reapply it quite a few times. Pretty good value for money and there are so many shades to choose from!

And the bright pink shade, Shade 3.

As you can see, the colour for this one is a lot brighter and vibrant! I've been looking for a bright pink that isn't neon for quite sometime now but have had very little joy. This colour stands out and is the a perfect little pop for a night out! But do slip the lipstick into your bag as you will need to reapply it a few times, especially because of how bright the colour is.

Overall, very pleased with my first MUA lipsticks, I will definitely be going back for more when I get paid next week! I would love to see a few more daring shades soon though. They don't last all night but they do a pretty stirling job (and which lipstick REALLY lasts all night?) and for £1 they are excellent value for money.

Have you tried MUA lipsticks? What's your favourite shade?


  1. I've heard a few good things about the MUA lipsticks. So I'm considering going out and getting a few shades, for £1 you can't really go wrong! :) thanks for the review! x

    1. exactly! so cheap- i thought i was going blind when i saw the price! well worth 100 of your pennies. glad you liked it! thanks for the comment lovely :) x

  2. I've never bought any MUA - I love a bargain but I'm always a bit skeptical about cheap make up - that coral is lovely though!! xxx

    1. before becoming a student, i was the same aha but they are such good quality for the price! xxx

  3. Love the post! And both of them are really pretty, but I really like the shade 3 :)
    And I love how you describe everything, you have really good writing skills!
    Love your blog!


    1. aww thank you! what a lovely comment :)

      Becci x

  4. Those shades are amazing!!! <3
    I need to make a drugstore pillage and try these shades out. So cute & chic for summer to fall transition!

    Best Wishes,