Saturday, 3 August 2013

Dorothy Perkins: Back in the Game!

A few years ago, Dorothy Perkins was my go to. No matter how often I went in, there would always be at least one thing that I felt I needed in my life, there and then. It was the place I got my Chanel-look quilted chain bag, (that I still have, 5 years later), and the place I bought my only pair of vaguely bearable heels.

But alas, recently DP has been letting me down. There isn't actually one in Guildford where I go to uni, so that's partly why, but everytime I have been in there in the last year or so, it's always been very.... 'fine', very 'that's quite nice'. Nothing has made me stop, scream and march over to the til to spend my final pennies (apart from my gorgeous kharki spring jacket, must have!). Until today.

I was passing and thought 'it can't hurt' so stuck my head round the door, expecting nothing special. Instead I was hit with a selection of clothes I fell immediately in love with. Turns out the designers at Dorothy Perkins have upped their game significantly at the turn of the season
. I was so excited about my little visit that I thought I had to share my favourite pieces with you, so here is my Dorothy Perkins wishlist:

1. Leopard Print Midi Skirt, £16.00: it's taken me a good few years to accept the midi. I find it indecisive but now I think I might be ready to embrace the midi. This little baby is gorgeous. Lovely material and would look great with a little black crop top and heels. And it's a bargain.

2. Gold Triangle Spike Necklace, £12.50: I love this type of necklace. I recently treated myself to a silver, thinner spiked necklace and I adore it, but I'm on the hunt for a gold one as well so I got a little bit excited when I came across this beauty.

3. Black Paneled Platform Ankle Boots, £45.00: It's no secret that I love ankle boots. Black ones, brown ones, studded ones, you name it, I love it. And you know what A/W means. Boots galore. I thought these were perfect for a big night out where you don't mind the pain cos they look so good. 

4. Embellished Blouse, £25.00: I love this colour. It's gorgeous and summery! Perfect for the season change, just to keep that summertime feeling for that little bit longer!

5. Pink Swing Cami, £14: Ever since Topshop unveiled these secret weapons, blogs, bank accounts and fellow retailers have gone crazy about them. You can find replica's everywhere but this is a particularly lush shade of pink (and it's £4 cheaper than Topshop! Other good replicas can also be found for £9.99 in New Look and a banging £5 in Primark).

6. Black Lace Shift Dress, £35: Peter Pan collars are one of my favourite clothing designs of all time. I love them. They are so elegant and timeless and this dress ticks those boxes perfectly. Great for work and play!

7. Black Leather Look Skater Skirt, £28.00: No, my skater skirt obsession still hasn't died. A leather version was next on my hit list as we venture into the depths of A/W 2013, so I was almost squealing when I found this little number! 

What do you think of my list? What's you favourite piece?

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