Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The New Love of my Life!

So I think I must be one of the only girls in this country who has never owned their own pair of hair straighteners. For years and years I have begged, borrowed and stolen from anyone who would let me. Thankfully, I'm not one to straighten my hair often because it is naturally curly and I'm lazy so I do tend to just leave it, however recently I discovered a magic way to make my hair a bit curly and completely frizz free, but alas it required a sacred pair of straighteners.

My Mum clearly read my mind and treated me to these little beauties for Christmas.

These are the BaByliss Pro 230 Elegance Straighteners. They retail at about £80, but they were on offer when my Mum picked them up and were about £40 from Boots, so have a little mooch around the sales and see if you can get a good deal!

The plates are so smooth and glide through my frizzy hair effortlessly, leaving it shiny and sleek. They work as well as ghd's and are a great deal cheaper as well! They heat up pretty much instantly and have 3 heat settings to choose from, so whatever thickness your hair or however straight you want it, there's a setting perfect for it.

They look pretty suave as well. They're a pretty purple glitter berry colour with rose gold detailing, they also came with a purple silky clutch bag to stash them in as well.

Great value, great product! Let me know if you've used these before and what you thought!
I'm also curious about the BaByliss Curl Secret, so if any of you have tried that then please let me know your opinions!

Before I love you and leave you, I just wanted to say a big thank you, because Princesses and Pink Champagne hit 100 followers this week, which was a lovely surprise! 

Happy hair styling!


  1. I got Babylis Curl Secret for xmas!! I absolutely love it! It's so much fun, and I can curl my hair in about 20mins, half the time it would take me with a curler! Its super easy to use and it just beeps and stops you if you for example have knots in your hair or the section is too large, so it wont rip your hair out as i was cautious it would! It sounds sad, but it is so much fun watching my hair get sucked into the little compartment, again its got different heat settings (2 to be precise) and 3 different lengths that it will hold your hair for, so if you want gentle or tight curls, it can do it! I've got quite long hair and it works perfect! It comes with heat mat and also a little black carry bag to keep it in!
    love love LOVE the babylis curl secret! I never usually do anything with my hair because im too lazy, but this its fun and something different, and again, i get so excited everytime it sucks up my hair and lets it go in a beautiful curl! LOVE AND RECOMMEND!

    1. aha well i couldn't have asked for a more glowing recommendation! might have to start the Christmas list a little early this year... thank you! x

  2. This sounds great! We've been on the market for a new curler for sometime, because ours isn't giving us the loose beach curls we're looking for! We might have to give this one a go