Sunday, 21 July 2013

MUA Reviews

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather! Nice to have a summer for once...

Now, if anyone has read my blog before you may be aware of my love for MUA Cosmetics. I discovered the brand thanks to a friend in one of my early posts and you can see that here.

Anyway, as the months have gone on, I have managed to sample enough MUA products to pick 4 of my favourite, staple items that I thought I would share with my lovely readers.

Photos from MUA website, my camera was not loving life today unfortunately

1. MUA Bronzer- It's normally £1 but at the moment it's half price online so get looking! This bronzer comes in 3 different shades and gives you a lovely sunkissed glow without having a tangoed effect. It blends in really well but you will need to invest in a large bronzer brush for application, but fear not, Primark sell a pretty good one for £1.50, as you can see in my last MUA post.

2. MUA Pressed Powder- Also £1. This powder comes in 4 different shades and has a lovely smooth feel to it. It glides on easily to smooth out your skin and make it look flawless. If you don't like any of the shades or can't find one to suit you, they also sell a translucent loose powder for £2.30. Again, you will need a brush for it but it's a great product at an even better price, as well as being a staple product in every girls make-up bag.

3. MUA Pro- Base Conceal and Brighten Kit- Slightly more expensive at £3.50, but each palette comes with 3 shades and the product comes in 3 different combinations: Porcelain, Medium Rose and Golden. The product is creamy, not sticky and blends well to give a natural look of bright, blemish free skin. And it lasts ages.

4. MUA Eyebrow Pencil- Again, only £1. This product only comes in Brunette from what I have seen, so it's not as accessible as the other products, but I doubt many people want to fill their eyebrows in with a blond pencil. The colour is perfect for my eyebrows, although sometimes it does require a bit of blending to avoid monster brows. The handy brush on the end prevents you from losing your eyebrow brush when you really need it (a problem I ALWAYS have). 

There is currently on online sale which you can mooch through here.
Have a look at the products and tell me what you think!

Happy browsing!



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