Friday, 26 July 2013

Book Worm!

So today I finished a book I have been reading since about May because I've been such a busy bee! The book was 'Nine Uses for an Ex- Boyfriend' by Sarra Manning. I found this in the cheap section in Morrisons for £3, as Sarra Manning was my favourite author when I was 14 (I read the 'Diary of a Crush' trilogy about 10 times) I thought I'd try one of her 'grown up' books.

Interestingly and somewhat disappointingly, the 'nine uses' are never actually mentioned, but it's a nice title nonetheless. It tells the story of Hope Delafield, a 26 year old primary school teacher living in London with her boyfriend Jack, whom she has been with since she was about 13. She believes their relationship is perfect and unbreakable (we've all been there) but it turns out Jack has actually been having a sordid affair with her best friend Susie (yes, it sounds like a soap opera but I assure you, it's a page turner...). 

The book is all about how Hope tries to deal with what she has discovered and try and get Jack back and understand where it all went wrong (we've all been there too). And then there's the Winter Pageant to organise. After many break-ups and reconciliations, which did become rather frustrating, Hope finally comes to her senses and embarks on her own sordid affair. Enter Wilson.

Hope is one of the most loveable heroines I have ever read about and if you are anything like me you will get to the final 7 chapters or so and become ever so slightly (and cheese-ily) inspired by her new attitude. It will leave you wanting to run to B&Q on the Holloway Road and repaint your own kitchen cupboard doors. The mysteriously sexy Wilson, hilariously interfering  Mrs. Delafield and the ever infuriating Jack are great additions to Hope's journey. It's easy to relate to for any girl who has ever been heartbroken and a great read for the lucky ones who haven't. Oh and it has some GREAT one liners. 

Perfect beach book. Easy read. £3? Sold. 

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