Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Blogging Virgin

Welcome to Princesses and Pink Champagne!

As the title suggests, I have never blogged before. Ever. So be gentle with me. As an avid Tweeter and Facebooker, thought I'd add blogger to the mix. I'm a Theatre Studies student who loves films, books and beauty products like most other 19 year old girls. 

I thought I would dedicate my first blog to a film and book I finished today. 

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
If anyone has read any of soppy Nick's books before, you will know he is a hopeless romantic but also loves a bit of tragedy. This book is basically about a boy who falls in love with a girl who he later finds out is dying of leukemia. The book explores how they fell in love and how they deal with her illness. Took a while to get into, but once you're there it's a really nice read. Bit soppy in places, bit sad in places but you're rooting for them by the end of it. Although it will leave you, especially the single girls out there, wishing someone would love you as much at Layton loves Jamie. Good holiday book for the romantics out there, but be warned, if you're having a sensitive day, tissues will be a necessity.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower 2012

Based on the (really quite fabulous) book by Stephen Chbosky, this film looks at the coming of age of the protagonist Charlie. It has the right amount of drama, comedy, sadness and feel good factor. Not quite as good as the book but a bloody top effort. Although it stars Emma Watson (Sam) and Paul Rudd (Mr. Anderson), the real stars for me were Logan Lerman (Charlie) and Ezra Miller (Patrick). They make a really lovely duo and both give really stunning performances. Definitely one to watch, harrowing in places but it will really bring life into a dreary Sunday afternoon. And if you're a loyal reader of the book and don't want the film to ruin it for you in the same way the movie Water for Elephants had nothing on the book for me, then fear not, you shall not be disappointed. Plus Logan Lerman is a top cutie and I am defo a little bit in love with him now. Take a look at the trailer :)

Let me know what you thought of either one of these :) Sorry if this wasn't particularly the WOW entrance into the blogging world you were expecting from the sparkly name of the blog, but like I said new kid :P 

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