Tuesday, 9 April 2013

News Nuggets

As I'm sure you're all aware by now, Margaret Thatcher died yesterday morning of a stroke. It wasn't really a spectacular 'where were you when' moment for me. I for one was in bed, watching a movie and flicked over to twitter and found out that way. You guys must have a more exciting story than that! However I was pretty disgusted to see that students cheered her death at the NUS conference and a surge of tweets reporting 'ding dong the witch is dead'. It's behavior like this that gives students everywhere a bad name.

My response? If you didn't agree with her politics, then fine. But it's not like she was Hitler is it. Rejoicing in her death makes you very disrespectful and heartless towards her family who need support, not abuse. It must be hard enough already with her death being strongly followed by the media, why make it worse? Plus, anyone who has seen 'The Iron Lady' should be able to appreciate her fight to get to where she got and it's her fight that I find inspiring, not necessarily her political policies. I must confess, I have been known to be a bit of a feminist. Not a feminist in the sense that women are better than men, but a feminist in terms of equality. Politics was even more male dominated when she came to power in 1979 than it is now. The film 'The Iron Lady' shows that her fight began many years before that and she was rejected several times but she kept on trying and fighting and eventually she made her way up and was elected Prime Minister and remained in power until 1990 when she resigned or was rather 'forced out' because her policies were no longer working. If we look at it logically, she may not have been your fave politician of all time, but you have to admit she had great staying power, unlike some of the politicians of today. If you still aren't convinced, take a Sunday afternoon, a cup of tea and some biscuits and give the movie a watch. Plus Meryl Streep gives an incredible performance completely worthy of her Oscar.

On a slightly more upbeat note, here are some more lighthearted nuggets of news/gossip:

- Did you see the new series of Made in Chelsea last night? I know it's not to everyone's taste but I'm a bit of a fan. Main point of the show: Louise took Spenny back despite him cheating on her, lying about it, getting his friends to lie about it, then admitting it and then expecting her not to speak to her friends who defended her because he doesn't like them. Although she did later tell him that she hated him so that's a first. As much as I would love for her to get the upper hand and dump the dickhead, I fear the show would no longer be entertaining. Instead it would probably focus on the painfully staged awkward fillers between Mark Francis and Victoria who are arguably two of the most boring, pointless characters in the show (apart from when Millie called Victoria a dog. Now that was funny). Also 'Team Francis' all the way. What did you guys think? 

- Broadchurch. Arguably the best show on TV at the moment. Last night it all got a bit dramatic. Dogs, crossbows, dodgy women, mysterious burglar, vicar with a past and Alec's 'condition' comes to quite a head. It was all going on last night. But still, we have no idea who the murderer is. I really hope the bookies are smart enough to get in on this. Personally, this week I think it's baldy with a crossbow but that will probably change next week, although Tom does not seem like a particularly trustworthy child to me. Who knows. What do you think? Whose your money on?

- Frankie from The Saturdays has finally got engaged to Wayne Bridge

- Halle Berry, 46 has announced an unexpected pregnancy

- Apparently The Wanted and One Direction aren't friends anymore. Can't say I'm a huge fan of either band but that makes me ever so slightly sad. Especially as it's another feud that started on Twitter....

- Rhianna and Chris Brown. I cannot understand or keep up with this couple anymore. Does anyone actually know if they're back together or not?

- Finally, bit of real news. Youth crime commissioner Paris Brown (17) has been found to have made some 'vile' tweets over a year ago that could put her new job in jeopardy. Personally, I think they should leave her alone. Yeah they were bad, yeah she was wrong but at least she's admitted it, granted she only apologised because she had to but it should be acknowledged that the tweets were posted a long time ago and people change, pretty rapidly at her age. But then it also should be addressed that she is only 17. She has a lot to learn. As long as she can prove she no longer holds these views, I think she could be a good role model as she has changed her mindset. However, I have to say I do think a job with such responsibility didn't need to be taken on by one so young. They wanted someone who lives in the youth culture- that's anyone up to about 22 so why put that pressure on a 17 year old. What do you guys think?

I think that's enough news for today. If you guys have any other interesting stories that you've heard this week then let me know!

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