Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Last Couple of Weeks

Hi Everyone!

Sorry again for such a hefty absense, uni is ridiculous at the moment!

Just thought I would fill you in on what I've been up to as an attempt to justify my failure to blog.

On May 11th I went to the university 'Colours Ball' to celebrate Team Surrey's achievements this year. I went with the other Cheerleaders. It was held at Epsom Racecourse and was such a lovely night full of food, laughs, drinks and awards. Never been more proud to be a Surrey student.

Dress: Miss Selfridge, £35

I loved this dress. I'm not really one for going massively formal so this struck a nice balance for me. it was long and quite simple with a detailed lace front panel. The only thing that was a bit annoying was trying to find a pair of shoes that went with it!

It was also one of my friends birthday's last week so, in true student fashion, we really went for it and bar crawled our through town.

Top: New Look (sale), £5
This top was too cute to resist and for a fiver I was hardly gonna pass it up! I also got it in pink for £4. As you can see, I'm still channeling the 'cross' trend from however many seasons ago- I just can't let it go! I was worried it was a little too early in the season (tan-wise) to wear mint but my friend insisted it was fine, plus it is one of my favourites at the moment! What colour is your favourite at the moment?

Finally, I have been busying myself with stage managing the final Caberet of the year here at Surrey that happened yesterday. It was interesting to say the least! Some fantastic acts: funny, serious, and just plain talented. A tricky show to stage manage, especially when you've never done it properly before, but it was a lot of fun and I will be doing it again.

So that's pretty much all the exciting things that I have been up to lately. I have a lot of events coming up- one of which is a 1920's theme so the search has begun for the perfect dress! Any suggestions please let me know :)

What have you all been up to lately?  Hope you all enjoyed the sunny bank holiday!

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